Iste liber videtur esse factus ab Aristotile. Bartholomew of Bruges and the Medieval Reception of the De inundatione Nili

Pavel Blažek

The article explores the medieval reception of the (pseudo?) Aristotelian treatise on the causes of the annual flooding of the Nile known as De inundatione Nili. In particular, it discusses the reception of this treatise in the commentary of Bartholomew of Bruges

In: Pseudo-Aristotelian Texts in Medieval Thought, Turnhout: Brepols 2023, 235–267.

Jan Dullaert of Ghent on the Foundations of Propositional Logic

Miroslav Hanke
The paper analyses Jan Dullaert’s (1480–1513) commentary on Aristotle’s Peri Hermeneias and documents its dependence on Paul of Venice’s Logica magna.
Vivarium 55,4 (2017): 273–306

Jeroným Pražský: středověký intelektuál, mučedník české reformace a hrdina národní tradice [Jerome of Prague: Medieval Intellectual, Martyr of Bohemian Reformation and Hero of National Tradition]

Ota Pavlíček (ed.)
The volume deals with different aspects of the life, work, and veneration of the Czech scholar and intellectual Jerome of Prague who was burned at the stake at the Council of Constance in 1416. It includes chapters on Jerome's thought, travelling, iconography, commemoration, and reception also in the 19th and 20th century.
Prague: Filosofia, 217 pp.

Kauzalita činitele

Petr Dvořák

The monograph defends agent causation in the analytic free will debate inspired by the works of T. Pink and T. O'Connor.

Praha: Togga 2020, pp. 200.


Le paradoxe stoïcien: liberté de l'action déterminée

Vladimír Mikeš

The study presents a new perspective on the notorious problems of Stoic concepts of responsibility, freedom and causal determinism and their mutual compatibility. It challenges certain views which were taken for granted in recent scholarship. As such it offers also a possible new look on the compatibilist theory in general.

Paris: Vrin, 2016.


Les stoïciens et Platon - monistes ou dualistes ?

Vladimír Mikeš

The article defends the proximity between the early Stoics' and Plato's understanding of the principles and allows thus for an explanation of a systematic ambiguity in both concepts.

Archiv für Geschichte der Philosophie 102 (2), 2020, 299-323.


Mitteleuropa? Zwischen Realität, Chimäre und Konzept (Europaeana Pragensia 7)

J. P. Arnason, P. Hlaváček, S. Troebst (eds.)

A collective monograph on the phenonomenon of Central Europe from Czech, German, Austrian, Polish and Hungaria perspectives.

Praha: Filosofia 2015.


O habitech v Teologické sumě [On habits in the Summa theologiae]

Tomáš Machula

Czech translation of Aquinas’ treatise on habits from the Summa theologiae with an introductory study.

Krystal OP, Prague 2021, pp. 93

O prozíravosti v Teologické sumě [On prudence in Summa theologiae], Czech transl. and study

Tomáš Machula
Czech translation of Aquinas’ treatise on prudence from the Summa theologiae with an introductory study.
Prague: Krystal OP, 150 pp.

Paolo Barbò da Soncino

Efrem Jindráček

Critical edition of the commentary on Aristotle’s Metaphysics by the Renaissance thomist Paolo Barbò da Soncino;

Rome: Angelicum University Press 2017, pp. 323.